Thursday Thoughts #6

Thursday ThoughtsSo in therapy on Tuesday, I realized that by writing every night, I’m probably neglecting a few other things going on.

So I no longer have a goal of publishing new posts daily, not that I’ve met that goal since week 1 anyway, lol.

So I am going to experiment with publishing just 2x per week. I am also going to be changing the format just a bit to the following:

Monday Musings will be scheduled to publish at 6am on Monday morning. The post will discuss events from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday Thoughts will be scheduled to publish at 6am on Thursday morning. The post will discuss events from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Monday morning I went to my 8:30 group training meeting. It was a nice sunny day so my trainer decided we would work on our Vitamin D intake. We jogged over to an empty part of the parking lot to do a variety of things like squats, pushups and step ups.

Then she decided we need to jog back (the long way around the mall) to the gym without stopping. So I managed to jog for about 9 minutes without stopping, which I’m told was pretty good.

Tuesday I met up at the gym about noon with a friend who had been part of my first training program. We did the short circuit of machines downstairs, going around 3 times. There was quite a bit more socialization going on between machines than when I’m there with my trainer, but it was fun and I feel like my muscles were suitably sore afterward.

We also saw my friend from church who had just joined the gym last week and invited her in on our last circuit.

Wednesday I went to my 8:30 group training session again. Since it was rainy, we didn’t get to go outside. I was kind of cranky from staying up too late the night before, so I was really glad that she decided we would do a training yoga session.

She took us through a bunch of the basic yoga moves and she helped us improve our form a bit. There was something that, I don’t quite know how to describe in words, she pointed out with my upper arms when doing the downward dog that made that pose much more challenging.

Younger Son Turned 4

Tuesday was my younger son’s 4th birthday.

On Monday afternoon I swung by the Catholic Book and Gift Store and picked up a couple of items for him. I found a small keychain with a cartoon image of the angel for which he is named. I also found him a crucifix that I thought he might like as he has been asking me constantly if he can have my new one from my retreat.

Free Dress Day

Tuesday morning I overheard approximately the following conversation:

Older Daughter: Brother, today is free dress day at school for you since it is your birthday.

Birthday Boy: But, I don’t have any dresses.

Older Daughter: No, brother, that just means you don’t have to wear your uniform because it is your birthday.

Birthday Boy: Okay, because I don’t want to wear a dress.

Birthday Lunch

Birthday boy had already packed his lunch for school on his birthday, so I rolled with it. I picked up a salad from McDonald’s and got him a chocolate chip cookie.

He was thrilled that I came to eat lunch with him. As was the rest of the class. I heard about a thousand “Mrs. Colby, look at this!” during the course of his 20ish minute lunch. He enjoyed his cookie and I gave him his crucifix.

Present Shopping

I have always been a bit hit and miss with present shopping for my kids. Sometimes I get too caught up with what I think looks cool or think might be fun, rather than really thinking about what I think my child would love to have an play with.

So as I hit up the local independent toy store in search of a “rocket ship” because that is what he had vaguely indicated that he wanted that morning, the clerk helped me find the shelf of toy vehicles, roughly 5in long or so.

I picked out a space shuttle, an airplane and a fire truck (3 toys from 3 siblings) and then I picked our a book about space. All 4 items turned out to be a big hit when he opened them, so I was pretty pleased with myself.

Birthday Dinner

We let the birthday boy pick out the location for dinner and he selected his favorite, Firehouse Subs. He loves getting a fire hat and looking at all the pictures they have around of firetrucks. Both of my parents joined us and then my dad took older son off to cub scouts.

Date Night

This Wednesday was a date night with a kid and I had rearranged the schedule to make sure it was birthday boy’s turn. He got in the van this evening and told me he wanted to go to the donut place.

I told him we needed grow food first, so we went through the drive through of Chick-fil-a to get some nuggets because making the trek to downtown for some Hurts Donuts since I don’t know where else to get donuts at dinner time.

He has been there once before on a date night last fall, but we hadn’t been back since. I also told him we weren’t going back next month. The donut place needed to be for special occasions.

His party will be on Saturday, so I will continue the saga of birthday week in the next post, lol.

Final Note

I didn’t write about everything that happened these past few days, but I think I hit the highlights. It is a bit uncomfortable and hard for my perfectionist self not to touch on all the things, but I think this is perhaps what I can learn from experimenting with posting just twice per week right now.

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