Timeline Of Glioblastoma Events

Kraston and Kids right before surgeryHere is a chart of most of the relevant dates regarding Kraston’s treatments. As new events come along, I will update this timeline. I will also be writing about how these events came about in future posts.

If you haven’t read the beginning, be sure to read the page Intro To My Husband’s Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer) then read Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Treatment Options After Surgery.


2/5/16PCP Appt.TeterBlood work normal. Referred to Neurologist
3/2/16Neurologist Appt.EdgarRecommended CT Angio.
3/10/16Head and Neck CT AngioEdgarClean scan except for tiny aneurysm behind eye.
3/30/16Neurologist Appt.EdgarRecommended follow up CT Angio in 1 Yr.
5/16/16ED visitFeltonRecommended CT.
5/16/16Head CT wo ContrastFeltonAbnormal CT scan of the brain with probable mass in the left parietal lobe measuring about 5.7 x 4.4 cm. Admitted to hospital with MRI recommended.
5/17/16MRI Brain w wo ContrastRahhalNeoplasm measures 6.1 cm AP by 5.0 cm transversely by 5.1 cm cephalocaudally. Referred to neurosurgeon.
5/18/16CraniotomyRahhalTumor resection.
5/19/16Head CT wo ContrastRahhal
5/20/16Medical Oncology ConsultJanjuaDiagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme (WHO grade IV)
5/23/16Discharged from hospital.Bhat
5/26/16Radiation Oncology ConsultGarren
5/31/16Radiation Oncology ConsultGarrenCT Planning for radiation.
6/1/16First Hand OT ApptStarted occupational therapy 2x per week for right hand sensitivity.
6/1/16Neurosurgeon Post-Op FollowupRahhalRecommended followup in 3 months.
6/1/16Radiation Oncology ConsultSackMet with another radiation oncologist. Kraston like Dr. Garren better.
6/3/16Medical Oncology ConsultJanjuaPlanning for chemotherapy (oral temozolomide).
6/7/16First radiation treatmentGarren(33) radiation treatments scheduled.
6/7/16First dose of temozolomide (TMZ).Janjua(46) 140mg doses scheduled.
6/10/16Disoriented and fell in front yard.Went to ED due to fall. Admitted to hospital. Missed radiation. Stopped TMZ while in hospital.
6/10/16Head CT wo ContrastStokesIncreasing mass in left parietal region associated with increasing (9mm) left-to-right midline shift and subfalcine herniation. The area of involvement measures up to 6.5 x 5.0 cm.
6/10/16MRI Brain w wo ContrastMarouk (on call for Rahhal)Surgical bed demonstrating subacute hemorrhage and peripheral mural nodularity and massing consistent with neoplasm. The mural nodularity component measures approximately 5.5 x 2.6 x 4.2 cm.
6/11/16Head CT wo ContrastMaqbool (hospitalist)The hypodense mass likely representing an old hemorrhage and/or post surgical changes and edema measuring 6.2 x 4.5 cm and the left posterior frontal lobe remain unchanged.
6/13/16Discharged from hospital.MaqboolPrescribed high doses of dexamethasone. Would take ~8 weeks to taper off of it successfully.
6/21/16First speech therapy appt.Started speech therapy 1x per week.
6/24/16Medical Oncology Appt.Janjua
6/29/16First Leg PT ApptStarted physical therapy 2x per week for right leg weakness.
7/15/16Medical Oncology Appt.Janjua
7/25/16Last radiation treatmentGarren33 radiation treatments completed.
7/25/16Last concurrent temozolomide Janjua45 doses completed.
8/1/16Last Leg PT appt.
8/3/16Last Hand OT appt.
8/5/16Medical Oncology Appt.Janjua
8/25/16MRI Brain w wo ContrastRahhalMeasures 4.3 x 3.6 x 3.5 cm in diameter. No left to right midline shift.
8/25/16Adjuvant Temozolomide – Cycle 1Janjua5 days of 280mg
8/29/16Last speech therapy appt.
8/29/16Neurosurgeon MRI FollowupRahhalTumor area was smaller after radiation.
8/30/16Radiation Oncologist MRI FollowupGarren filled out application for Optune device.
9/19/16Started Optune deviceGarrenTrained and put on first arrays.
9/25/16Adjuvant Temozolomide – Cycle 2Janjua5 days of 280mg
10/7/16Medical Oncology Appt.Janjua
10/25/16MRI Brain w wo ContrastRahhal
10/25/16Adjuvant Temozolomide – Cycle 3Janjua5 days of 300mg (increased dose due to weight gain)
10/31/16Neurosurgeon MRI FollowupRahhalMRI looked the same as in August.
11/1/16Radiation Oncologist MRI FollowupNguyen (on call for Garren)
11/25/16Adjuvant Temozolomide – Cycle 4Janjua5 days of 300mg
12/2/16Dropped and broke Optune deviceGarrenWent without Optune for over 24 hours until new device arrived.
12/7/16Medical Oncology Appt.Janjua
12/25/16Adjuvant Temozolomide – Cycle 5Janjua5 days of 300mg


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