Saturday Short #1 – New Windshield, Supervision, and Pocket Money

Short SaturdaySo this evening I attended a St. Patrick’s Day part with some church friends. I signed up for it as a part of a fundraiser. It was a lot of fun. There was vodka in the punch , so I’m going to try to be a bit brief this evening as I don’t feel like I am working on all of my writing cylinders.

I also had a couple come over afterward and chat for a while and had some of the hard cherry lemonade that I love. I’m not sure when the last time I had alcohol was. Nice to relax with friends.


A couple of weeks ago I developed a small crack in my windshield. Over the past two weeks it has slowly grown, so I finally called this week and scheduled the glass guys to come to my house to replace it. They were supposed to come at 9am this morning. At 9:30 they still weren’t here.

I called and they said it would be 11am before they could get there. They had been redirected to someone who had been broken into last night. I told them I was going to the gym at 11 and that just wouldn’t work. I told them I’d be home by 1.

So 1:45 they called and were on their way. So the good news is I have a new windshield. I just wasn’t expecting it to take all day.

Inadequately Supervised

So after I found out that they weren’t coming until 1, the baby and I went to lay down for a few minutes before I had to leave for the gym. 6 year old daughter came in shortly after and apologized for drawing on older son’s kindle case.

She explained that she had tried to clean it, but it wouldn’t come off. She had used Sharpie. She had written/misspelled younger son’s name on older son’s kindle case. So I explained to her that she would need to use her pocket money to replace it.

Pocket Money

I give each kid pocket money each week an amount equal to their age. So she gets $6 per week. The case, if I buy the name brand one is $25, so it is going to take her a few weeks to save up. This pocket money is not tied to chores and cannot be taken away. It is money that they get just for being part of the family.

Really it is cheaper than getting talked into random stuff whenever we are at stores. If we are out an about and they want something that is not on my list or otherwise in my budget, I ask if they have any money. If they do, most of the time they can get it. Sometimes we are in a hurry and I tell them no, but they are really learning how much things cost and how to save up for things.

Older son was super disappointed at his last therapy session that he didn’t get to buy anything at the vending machine because he had already spent his pocket money. His therapist ended up buying him something, so don’t feel too bad for him, lol.

Other Stuff

So I went to my gym class today. It was a Dance Fitness class. I really have a lot of fun at the dance classes. I am enjoying the strength training program and looking forward to doing strength stuff a few times per week, but I’ll be glad when i can get back to doing dance classes at least 3x per week.

After the windsheild guy finished up, the baby and I took like a 3 hour nap. It was glorious. I probably would have gone longer if my nanny hadn’t told me it was time to get ready for my party.

Final Note

Alrighty, out of steam for tonight. I’m not sure if I am going to write on Sunday. I want to develop this daily habit of writing, but it is kind of like work sometimes and I don’t work on Sundays. Perhaps if I just write a short reflection on mass readings or a bible verse. I don’t know.

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