Two Great Hand Crank LED Flashlights For On The Go

Blue MinivanSince I work full time outside of the home, I spend quite a bit of time away from home and a fair amount of that in my vehicle.

I have a Vehicle Emergency Kit in the cargo area of my minivan (which I plan to cover in more detail in another post) but I have a couple of neat hand crank LED flashlights that aren’t stored in my kit which I want to write about today.

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Ivation 9-in-1 Dynamo: All-In-One

While this device is shaped like a flashlight and one of its primary functions is a powerful LED flashlight, the Ivation 9-in-1 Dynamo is really better called a multi-tool. It can be charged using the hand crank or via USB with your car charger. It advertises the following 9 functions:

  • RainproofIvation 9-in-1 Hand Crank Dynamo Flashlight
  • AM/FM Radio
  • LED Flashlight
  • SOS Strobe
  • SOS Siren
  • Windshield Hammer
  • Seatbelt Cutter
  • Compass
  • Mobile Device Charger

Luckily I have not had to use the Dynamo in a real emergency but I will share what I have tested. The flashlight is reasonably bright but by no means a tactical flashlight. The radio sounds pretty good for an emergency radio. The strobe is bright and the siren is unexpectedly loud. Either would definitely draw enough attention in an emergency.

Solarrific W4010 Solar/ Handcrank LED Flashlight KeychainSolarrific W4010 Solar/ Handcrank LED Flashlight Keychain

If you are like me and your purse already weighs more than it should, having a flashlight which is small and lightweight is critical.

I don’t often need a flashlight when I am on the go, but when I do, I don’t want to find my flashlight has dead batteries. The Solarrific W4010 Solar/ Handcrank LED Flashlight Keychain serves this need perfectly.

While researching this product, several people said they put this on the outside of their purse or backpack in order to take advantage of the solar charging option. Just using the hand crank, it takes a minute or two of cranking to get enough juice stored up to get a very bright light.

Of course if I am with my kids, I have no lack in hand cranking capacity. They love turning the little handle. I don’t know if I spend enough time in direct sunlight to make good use of the solar feature, but I think I will try carrying it on the outside of my purse for a while.

Know Any Other Great Hand Crank Flashlights?

Do you have any of these flashlights? Do you have any other hand crank flashlights that you recommend? Leave me a note in the comments and let me and my readers know!

Amanda is the founder of Survival With Kids. She became a mother in 2009 with the birth of her oldest son. She is currently the mother of 4 kids (two boys and two girls) and has owned her fair share of car seats.
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  1. Matthew Ng

    Very informative article! A non-battery powered flashlight can definitely come in handy especially with a radio and phone charger. You can never be too careful in a state of an emergency anything can happen.

    1. Amanda (Post author)

      Thanks, Matt. The Dynamo is a pretty handy tool combining so many functions into one tidy package.

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