Tuesday Tips #5 – Church, Gym, Personality, and Scouts

Tuesday TipsI just got off the phone catching up with a friend this evening, so this will be short and sweet. No organization into tips today. Any suggestions for what I might rename my Tuesday series?


This morning I dropped off kids and headed to church. I verified in the office that I had requested that 6:30am mass will be said for the repose of Kraston’s soul next Friday, April 20th, on the 1 year anniversary of his death. I then went to 9am mass. I sat in the front row and was thrilled when my friend Jackie came and sat by me. She has been sick the past few weeks so she hasn’t been making that daily mass. She was on retreat with me, so it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen her just a few days before, but I enjoy her.


After mass I was supposed to be at the gym at 10am. However when I went outside there was a charter bus parked blocking my van along with a few others. So my friend Esther and I got to be the “send off” committee since we both had to wait for the bus to leave. The bus was headed on a field trip for (mostly older) parishioners on their way to Pawhuska. They didn’t leave until 10am, so I got to the gym about 10 minutes late. I was thrilled that the group session I was dropping in on had a few minutes of boxing included. That really is one of my favorite things at the gym right now besides dancing.


I just realized I used the word thrilled twice already in the post. I guess I’m still pretty happily coming down off the mountain from retreat. Just in a really good mood today.

Therapy / Personality

I ate lunch with my friend Kristi and her two kids at Chick-fil-a before going home for a quick nap before therapy. In therapy we discussed again how I am not really as much of an introvert the way I have always believed myself to be. Every personality test I can remember taking in the past has indicated that I am an introvert, usually an INTP. Just now I tested as an INFP-T, but introvert was only 54%.

I think given that I grew up with two very introverted people (my mom and my maternal grandma) and mostly did introverted things with them, I never really never suspected I was an extrovert. My mom recently took the personality test which resulted inĀ ISTJ-A. Which means that, as I work through who I am a bit more, if I end up as an ENFP-T, then I would be exactly opposite of her. Which is a strange thought for me. Definitely something I will be pondering.


This evening older daughter and I joined older brother and my dad at scouts. The current cubmaster shared that starting the fall, the pack would be co-ed if my daughter wanted to consider joining.

I am on the fence about it. I’m not sure how I feel about my daughter being a cub scout. I think she would enjoy it, but I worry about how her friends at school would treat her. So I’m also considering American Heritage Girls and Campfire as alternatives.

Final Note

Too much napping can lead to staying up too late. So as usual, my final tip is to go to bed earlier.

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