Tuesday Tips #3 – Breakfast, Workout and Self-Care

Tuesday TipsI’m not sure how much I have to say about today, but I’ll see how this goes.

Tip #1: Eat Breakfast.

I noticed yesterday that the breakfast that I had didn’t quite last as long as I’d like. So today I made my oatmeal with protein powder. It is also one of the baby’s favorite thing for me to make. She requires her own spoon and for the bowl to be right in front of her while she sits on my lap.

Really there is little that baby doesn’t like to eat. Hopefully that lasts.

The other kids ate miscellaneous things for breakfast, but at least they ate. They don’t typically like to eat much for breakfast.

After breakfast we took the baby to school just in time for school breakfast. As far as I know she generally eats two breakfasts on school days. Again, she likes to eat.

Oldest child had his 9 year old well check / physical appointment this morning. He is about 75lbs and 4′-6″. Yes, that makes him roughly 7 inches shorter than me. According to his growth chart, assuming he stays on his line, he will be taller than me sometime between the ages of 12 and 13.

Tip #2: Practice your free throws and workout.

It was after 11 when we left the doctor’s office to we stopped at Hideaway for lunch. They have a promotion going where if you make a free throw in their little basketball goal, you get a free lunch. Only one person per table gets to attempt. We elected oldest child since he plays basketball. The first shot went way high, but his second was super close. Alas though, no free lunch.

After lunch I had another personal training session. It was mostly arm things. My knee hurt a bit doing lunges, so I got to skip those. We then went up and down the stairs a few times. She also asked me to start logging my food again using MyFitnessPal (ie with calories / macros). Logging food without that info was kind of boring today, so I guess maybe I’ll start that tomorrow and see how irritating or not I find it.

Oh, funny story from dropping the kids off at the gym KidsZone. I was walking in with the 3 year old and the two big kids ran ahead. When I got in there, the caregiver told me she had asked when they walked in if they were here with their mommy or daddy. 6 year old nonchalantly replied that her daddy was dead. Older brother nodded in agreement and they both motored right on.

I could tell she was a bit perplexed and not quite sure what to make of their statements. So I responded, “Well, yes, my husband did pass away last year.”

Her eyes about popped out of her head and she apologized profusely. I find the whole encounter extremely hilarious in my dark widow humor kind of way. Most people have zero clue what to do with grieving people. I know I didn’t before.

Tip #3: Practice Self Care.

After the gym I dropped the kids off at home with my nanny and headed to therapy. Had a good discussion about some things I might expect over the next month as the big kids and I come up on the 1 Year anniversary of Kraston’s death.

After therapy, I got a 90 minute deep tissue massage. It was wonderful. I think I might have even dozed off for a minute. I told her about my knee hurting and so she poked around and decided it was probably related to a tightness higher up on my leg, maybe hip flexor, (not sure exactly what the names of all the muscles are). So she worked on that area a bit extra. It is feeling better, but I think I’ll go to a yoga class tomorrow to work on some flexibility.

Final Note

We had dinner with my dad who then took the two big kids to scouts. I laid down with the baby and fell asleep until younger son woke me up for something. I can’t remember what. I’ve been a bit groggy every since.

What have you done this week to take care of yourself? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Taking it day by day and trying to get something done each day away from the office. Trying to keep the house picked up and a a few other things. Hope your Wednesday goes well.


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