Thursday Thoughts #2 – Wiring, Travel and Cabins

Thursday ThoughtsThis morning started around 7:15. The kids were excited to pack and get ready to leave for Branson. We had told my mom we would pick her up around 9.

A Little Low Voltage Wiring

I was helping younger son pack when older daughter came to me and told me she had broken a white thing. Hmm. Going to need a bit more information, sister.

So she led me to the hallway by the kitchen where the security system is. She informed me that she had been playing in the laundry pile (no, I didn’t get all of it washed yesterday) and had bumped the transformer box and lost the screw in the pile of laundry. The transformer was still plugged in and looked okay except for the missing screw.

Unfortunately the security system was showing power failure. It is 7:45am. I’m trying to leave town. I would really like to have my security system working while I am gone.

So I called my very nice security system guy at Witness Security. He wouldn’t be able to come out until close to 9. I poked at things a bit more and finally discovered the wires had been disconnected.

Actually, not just disconnected, but sliced through. I was going to need to strip the wires to get exposed copper to reconnect the transformer. He talked me though what I needed to do. I told him I didn’t know where my wire strippers were off hand since the move. He told me it was a bit silly, but that I could use my teeth. Yuck, but okay.

So there I was, laying on my floor, stripping teeny tiny low voltage wires with my teeth and trying to get them back under the screw terminals. The toddler was at my side, poking at things with the screwdriver every time I sat the tool down to curl the wires into place.

Eventually, despite all of her help, I was able to get everything reassembled without having to wait on the security system people. I was pretty proud of myself.

It took a few minutes for the adrenaline to calm down to be able to continue packing.

Morning Travel

All the kids were super helpful getting ready this morning and we got to my mom’s house before 9:15. I somehow managed to hold firm on my no screens until after lunch rule.

We spent a lot of time reading signs, looking at cows and discussing what towns we were in. Much appreciation also goes to MoDOT for their maps at the Joplin Rest Area. Older two kids spent the whole way to Springfield looking at the maps.

I think my 6 year old read almost every mile marker (and in Missouri they have them every 0.2 mi instead of just every mile like in Oklahoma).

Afternoon Travel

We attempted to go to Lambert’s for some roll throwing, but decided not to wait the 50-60 minutes. We ended up at Panera Bread. We then decided to walk around (the original) Bass Pro Shop to get a few steps in before the last leg of our trip.

The kids loved all of the animals, both real and fake. Younger daughter waved at all of them. She was ecstatic when a real dog on a lease walked by her. She was in the stroller, but couldn’t contain herself, kicking her legs and shouting dog.

We still had a bit of time to spend, so we took the scenic route to Branson so youngest daughter could get a decent nap in.

Evening in Branson

We headed over the dam to visit the Dewey Short Visitor Center. The toddler had a blast outside climbing the stairs and throwing small gravel about. She didn’t want to leave.

We went by to check in but our cabin wasn’t ready. So we went to CVS for a few forgotten items, got gas and went to Steak & Shake for dinner.

The kids were pretty thrilled to get milkshakes with their dinner. Well, the boys got milkshakes and the girls got chocolate chip cookies. As we were leaving, we got the call that we could check in.

Late in the Evening at the Cabin

We were all pleasantly surprised with how spacious our 2 Bedroom + Loft / 2 Bath Log Cabin was. I do apparently get the joy of going to my first time share presentation tomorrow morning to subsidize our accommodations, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

We got settled in for the evening relatively easily. Despite the long car ride, they were all pretty tired and ready for bed. I spent a fair amount of time visiting with my mom after they went to sleep, which is why I am yet again, up writing too late.

So on that note, I’ve got to order some tickets for the Samson show tomorrow and get to bed.

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