Saturday Short #3 – Friday and Saturday

Short SaturdayThe fog is getting worse. I’m struggling to remember yesterday very well. I stayed up way too late last night just procrastinating my life away online for hours and hours after the kids went to bed. It has been quite a while since I have done that that bad.


My parents came and picked up the kids. They did remember this time. I went back to sleep until 10ish when I actually felt rested / bored of sleeping enough to get up. I got some paperwork stuff done, ate lunch and went to the gym at noon to drop in on a group training class. We did rock wall climbing again. I was able to get up about another foot higher than the time before, so I was pleased with myself.

After lunch I went to see my spiritual director St. Mary Clare. She is easy to talk to and reminds me to look for God in my daily life. After that I zipped over to my 90 minute deep tissue massage. I came home and we had pizza and a movie. I don’t remember what movie. Lego something. My oldest got picked up to go over to spend the night with his best friend. They were having a scary movie night.

As I mentioned above, I somehow procrastinated many many hours away on the internet, accomplishing not much and certainly not writing a blog post.


This morning came way too early. We got up and had an easy morning. Ate breakfast and did laundry. My mom came and picked up the youngest to go walk at the mall with her, so I had just two middle kids to take to the gym with me. I enjoyed my dance fitness class very much. Got my heart rate up to 100% several times.

We met up with my mom and the baby at Hideaway for salads and pizza. I came home and worked on a few things before taking oldest child to confession and Target to buy boots. He gets to go to a 1910 school house experience later this week and he has outgrown all of his boots. He is supposed to dress and pack a lunch in keeping with what was around in 1910, so no plastic.

While at Target, a sweet sister texted me inviting me to go see the movie I can Only Imagine this evening. Seemingly our parish bough one whole showing at Southroads and she had an extra ticket that she had gotten for one of her kids who ended up not being able to go.

Final Note

So I’m pretty exhausted at this point. No napping at all occurred today for me. So I’m glad this is a Saturday Short. I’m just not able to add much detail the way I usually do.


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  1. I’m amazed you have any time to blog! You do a lot girl! I’m proud of all you do get done & that’s good to focus on! Taking care of yourself is great, then you can take care of your kids! Prayers for your continued journey! ❤️❤️


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