Sacred Sunday #8 – School Program and Gearing Up for New York City

Sacred SundaySo it has been quite a while since I last wrote. The days leading up to my New York trip were pretty busy, my trip was busy, and I have been exhausted since I got home. I finally am feeling up to writing, so I’ll get caught up as best I can.

Thursday (5/10)

Thursday morning I walked LaFortune park (5K) with my gym buddy. She talked me into it by promising we would walk and not run. It really only too about 10 minutes longer to walk it than the walk/run we did last time. I really enjoyed the walk since we got to talk the whole time. I mean, she got to talk the whole time last time, but I sure didn’t. This time I got to talk more.

After my walk I went to the chiropractor again. I saw the myofascial massage therapist as well as the chiropractor. I had still been having headaches off and one, but finally this treatment helped. I didn’t have any of the head pain above my right temple the way I had for the previous for the past 2 weeks until I was on the plane ride home. More on that later.

I expressed a bit if interest in whatever it was she was trying to fix above my right temple. She showed me a video of how the plates in your head move when you breathe. I don’t suppose I can describe it well in words, but I guess I didn’t realize how much breathing had to do with your head.

My chiropractor was pretty entertained by by previous blog post where I attempted to describe what it was that they did. She thought it was as good of a description as any.

Spring School Program

The kids had their pirate themed spring program Thursday evening. Seemingly every previous year I have brought them McDonald’s before their show, so they expressed strong interest in me bringing that again. So after work I went to the Crack-Donald’s Dive-Thru. That is what Kraston frequently called it, so I think of him whenever that euphemysm floats through my mind, which is most times we go there.

I decided that the baby was still a cranky pants, so she got to skip the program and go home with my nanny. Younger son was up first and enjoyed himself, in no small part because he got to wear an eye patch while he sang. The 3- and 4-year-olds always sing 2 songs, independently of the program and then go sit down with their parents (or leave generally if they are an only or a youngest child).

Next was the program where older son and older daughter each had 3-4 songs as part of the overall program. Older daughter had a blast. Older son decided it would be more fun not to sing a word. He started out just standing there stone faced. Teacher must have got onto him as he made an effort to appear to sing for the next song. I thought he was singing at first but he got increasingly obviously out of sync with the words on his lip-syncing. He proudly told us afterward that he didn’t sing a word. A future actor or singer, he is not.

Friday (5/11)

Younger son had a Mother’s Tea where we got to listen to listen to a cute little song and eat snacks at the kids’ tables. Afterward I followed the kids outside for recess and pushed him on the swing a bit and chatted with one of the other moms.

I stopped by the office and got a good tip for a place to eat in NYC, the Stardust Cafe where the waitstaff sings. I imagine it will be busy but it is on our route for Monday, so we may check it out.

I went home and changed to go to the gym. With arms appropriately having been challenged, I ended up having a 2 hour “executive lunch” with my friend who was also off work. I ate way too much pizza and went home to nap until it was time to go to my “paint and sip” event.

My trainer had invited me again and two other ladies from the gym joined us. We painted a peacock, but the first things we drew looked like a certain part of the male anatomy. This instructor was a high school art teacher and a lot more humorous than the instructor we had a couple weeks ago.

I drank my 1 glass of wine. Some people were drinking unlimited mimosas, but I am too much of a lightweight for that.

Saturday (5/12)

Saturday morning older daughter was so excited. We were going to Mommy and Me dance class at the gym at 11:30 and she was dressed and ready to go before 7am. Older son got bored pretty quickly and asked me to text his best friend’s mom to find out what they were doing that day. Turned out they were going to his friend’s soccer game and they invited him along to spectate.

Older daughter and I had a great time at the dance class. It mostly wasn’t ladies who normally attend the Saturday morning dance fitness class, so that was interesting. Older daughter had a great time. She stood right behind the instructor and attempted to mimic everything and did a pretty good job. She has never taken any dance classes or anything, so I thought she did really well considering.

Final Note

So what I have written so far, I wrote while I was on the plan from Atlanta to New York. It was dark and there was nothing else to do. I’ve looked though my notes and pretty much the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday was various things getting ready for my trip. Since I have plenty still to write about, I’m going to skip ahead to my trip.

Actually since I am already at around 1000 words for this post, I’m going to go ahead and start a new post to write about my trip.

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