Sacred Sunday #7 – Another 5K, Another Headache

Sacred SundayFriday evening I did walk the Cinco de Mayo 5K with my trainer (and her son) and another friend from the gym (and her daughter). I did not take my kids. I had a bit of trouble with my right knee when I attempted to run, so we walked. Since we had kids with us, that worked out fine. My trainer did complain about how pokey her heart-rate monitor said we were. I for some reason forgot to put mine on, so I couldn’t compare. I didn’t feel like my heart-rate was that low.


By Saturday morning, I had started developing a headache. It progressed pretty similarly to how my headache started last week, so I did text my chiropractor to ask if she could stop by later in the day. She was able to stop by after dinner and adjust my neck as well as do some other things to my head. I don’t really remember the name of all the magical things she did, but my head felt much better afterward. I was also really tired.

One of the other things that my chiropractor mentioned is that it could be stress related. I didn’t think the past two weeks had been particularly stressful, but she said that these two weeks last year were stressful and this could be my body remembering that. She has a massage therapist in her office who does myofascial release that might be helpful. She said my shoulders were particularly tight and that she could make sure there weren’t any lingering things pulling things out of alignment.

I also texted my allergy doctor about getting on his schedule. It has been a while since I talked about my allergy doctor, but you can read a little about it in my post about ear infections. I need to update that article as it has a few things out of date, but the notes about my accupressure allergy doctor are still accurate. We normally go once per month, but I forgot to schedule our next appointments last time. I think it has been 6 weeks.


This morning I was still really tired. My head didn’t hurt exactly, but I was super fatigued and a bit congested. My amazing parents graciously agreed to collect my children about 10ish when I figured out I did not have the energy to make it to church. I pretty much slept all day until about 4pm. So pretty much like Friday of last week, but at least my head didn’t hurt anymore. Once I was feeling a bit better late afternoon, my stomach was a little upset. I guess from drainage. The little one is also pretty congested and went to bed early.


So I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I realized earlier this week, that I don’t think I have it in me at this point in my life to be a professional blogger right now. I have tried several different courses and never been able to complete any of them. I enjoy writing, but I just don’t seem to be connecting with the monetization aspects the way I need to if I want to make any significant income. I started this blog 2 year ago and haven’t got a clear vision for how to make money from it. There are quite a bit of moving parts to a successful and profitable blog and I can’t quite seem to get a handle on it.

After studying my budget, I have concluded though that, by the end of the year, I need to work my way up to 24-28 hours per week at work. I don’t really want to work that much at my engineering job, so I’ve been brainstorming alternatives. I already have a few different streams of income: my (albeit small) paycheck from my 6 hours per week of engineering, rental income from the two old houses, social security for each of the four kids, and investment income from Kraston’s life insurance.

So I went back to a course I bought in January to review the other working from home opportunities that it discussed. My therapist suggested writing resumes for people, but that seems like it would have a lot less repeat clients and require a bit more marketing and lead generation.

So I’ve decided to start an online course on General Proofreading. I enjoy reading and can spot many proofreading errors in the blogs that I read and in general anything else I read. Seemingly proofreaders can make enough per hour to make it worth my while, so I’m going to see where it goes. The course could take as little as a month, but to get the most out of it, I think 2-3 months is more typical.

Final Note

I suppose I didn’t really talk about Micael’s rosary vigil or funeral or most of my week really for that matter. Unfortunately I am feeling the need to sleep. Like I didn’t sleep all night last night and most of the day today, but I guess my body is trying to tell me I’m overdoing it.

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