Sacred Sunday #4 – Mass, Gym, and Grandparents

Sacred SundayI’m feeling maybe a little less foggy, but still kind of emotionally tired / fragile.

I slept in until the very last minute until it was time for me to get dressed for church. Somehow my minions managed to wander around and play well together without pretty much any supervision.

We did get to mass on time, actually just a tiny bit early. We sat in the back in the comfy chairs because I just didn’t feel up to being in the sanctuary.

I started crying during Monsignor’s homily. I couldn’t even figure out why. He was just talking about ways to volunteer, nothing that seemed like a particular trigger. Maybe just being a church is a trigger.

Ben told me earlier this week that going to church reminded him of his Dad. This is the first time Ben has discussed Kraston with me in the past year. I asked his therapist about it yesterday and she said that she had pushed him a bit more this past week and that he had finally opened up and talked about him.

After Mass

We went to lunch with my mom at Pei Wei. Then we went home so baby could nap before we went to the gym. I ended up going to two classes, both Bare Barre and Just Dance. Barre class was kind of extra fun since we did some salsa dancing in the middle of it.

After the gym we went to my grandparents house. The other day older daughter asked if she and my brother’s wife could bake a cake this weekend. It was her birthday weekend though and she had a trip planned to Dallas with my brother. They ended up not making it back in time to bake with older daughter.

So I called my mom and she was able to shop for some slice and bake cookies and some frosting for us to make at my grandparents. I ate way, way too many cookies. My self control this week has been pretty lacking.

I ended up ordering Billy Sims again this week since I wasn’t feeling like figuring out anything else.

We came home, I put the baby to bed and then I ordered my groceries to be delivered tomorrow morning. I am starting that new program at the gym and needed to make sure we had a few things.

Final Thought

I know this is a bit of a short post, but I’m still just so tired. Probably mostly emotionally, but whatever it is, I am going to stay away from the rabbit hole of the internet and get some rest. I have a few books that I received during my retreat, so I may start one or another of those. Or not.

2 thoughts on “Sacred Sunday #4 – Mass, Gym, and Grandparents”

  1. Hey Amanda,
    I have been trying to limit my facebook time and so I have read a lot of these all at once. I enjoy the updates. I also wanted to tell you I remember on several occasions seeing you light up with joy when Kraston would either walk in a room or arrive at home. It always made my heart happy. another thing that always made me giggle was, I would ask him what you doing for dinner, or what are the plans for the weekend and he would give me the side eye and say, ” that is a need to know item and Amanda doesn’t think I need to know yet. LOL I always laughed.


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