Oh So Many Emergency Food Supply Companies

Within the prepping community, 3-5 years worth of food storage seems to be the goal. This can be overwhelming if you don’t currently have any food storage.

Don’t rush out spend a lot of money just yet on MREs, large food supply kits, or even food that is on sale (that you wouldn’t normally buy). You need food you and your kids will actually eat. You will need to work up to a 3 month short term food supply first, then you can check out the emergency food supply companies for your long term food supply.

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short term food storageStart With Short Term Food Storage

To start out, pick an amount and add it as a line item to your monthly budget. $100 per month is a good goal, but start as small as your budget dictates.

Spend 1 week keeping track of everything your family eats, including condiments and beverages. After that, each time you go to the grocery store, spend some of your monthly budget on extra shelf stable foods that you are already buying that your family eats.

Work up to a week’s worth of food. Then just keep buying extra food until you have 2 weeks worth, then a month’s worth and then 3 months worth.

The 3 months worth of normal everyday food is your short term food supply. Ensure your pantry is organized so you eat the oldest foods first. This is called rotating your supply and will ensure that nothing expires before you eat it.

Then Add Long Term Food Storage

long term food storageThe next step is long term food storage. You want to start stocking this supply with food packaged to last 10-25+ years. This isn’t food you will be picking up at the grocery store.

You will probably be turning to the internet to purchase from one of the vast array of emergency food supply companies. A couple of google searches reveal that there are 25+ such companies to choose from.

At the bottom of this post I have started a list of all of the companies that I could find so far. It looks like it would be quite expensive and time consuming to order samples from every company in order to provide a first hand review.

I will go through the list below and narrow it down to 3 companies I want to try. Once I get those companies identified, I will come back here and edit this post to reflect my recommendations.

Know Other Companies?

Do you know of any other emergency food supply companies that I can add to my list? Do you have any experiences with any of the companies on the list? What qualities would you look for in a food supply company? Please leave your responses in the comment box below. I am looking forward to researching this topic.

Index of Emergency Food Supply Companies

8 thoughts on “Oh So Many Emergency Food Supply Companies”

  1. Interesting post! I usually try to stock a month’s worth of dry foods for my family, but usually do it when the items are on sale so that I’m saving money while doing it. It really has been beneficial as there have been a few times my hubby has lost his job – I didn’t have to worry about a bare pantry because I had stocked up 🙂

    • Jen, good point to stock up when food is on sale. Just ensure it is all food someone will eat and not just food or brands that are on sale. Having food storage is definitely helpful when someone loses their job.

  2. I can see that storing food for about three months can be substantial if a crisis appears and I liked your idea to eat the oldest food first. Like a rotating system. Also, I liked the way you filled up your storage with buying food over a period.

    But why would we need to store food for 10 – 25 years?


    • Most canned food expires within a couple of years. If you have 3-5 years of long term storage, you wouldn’t be able to rotate it fast enough to prevent waste if it wasn’t properly stored to last 10-25 years. The hope also is that you won’t need to use your long term storage for a long time.

  3. What a great, planned-out list. I would have never guessed that the 3 months food is classed as short term, although it sounds completely legit because if there is a disaster we would have no idea how long we’ll need the survival food for.

    Kind regards,


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