Monday Musings #4 – Gym, Dinnertime, and a Bedtime Prayer

Monday MusingsThis morning I got up with the kids and we had a little trouble with momentum getting out the door, but not too bad. The big kids were only a couple minutes late.


I slid into the gym right at 8:30 when I was supposed to start my new gym program. at that 8:30am time, there are just two of us, which I really like. We did some yoga type stuff for our session. I’m not generally not a fan of anything involving my head down, such as downward dog, but there wasn’t too much of it.

It is amusing to me when my trainer is hanging out waiting on us to finish one thing or another and starting dancing along with the music. We joked that she should teach a dance class. I mean, we did do some salsa in her barre class yesterday.


After the gym I went to Academy to purchase the enamel camping cups for our field trip later this week. Then I came home and waited for my grocery delivery.

Soon after they were delivered, one of my friends came by with a gift for us and we chatted for a while before I ate my lunch and went to work.

After work we all went to the chiropractor where none of the kids complained and were all adjusted in record time. Even Ben, who is normally the biggest complainer figured out that the quicker he gets adjusted, the quicker we get to leave, lol.


We came home and I had grand aspirations of all of us sitting down around the kitchen table to eat dinner. We’ve really gotten away from that lately and I wanted to bring it back at least 2x per week. Then we say the neighbor boy outside playing and the three big kids disappeared for 30-45 minutes.

The baby goes to sleep between 6:30 and 7, so we ended up not all eating together. I took her to lay down after she ate and the other kids were done eating by the time I got done with her routine. her routine is a simplified version of the big kids. I change her diaper, put her Nighty-Night oils on her feet, chest and neck, read her the same Curious George book (every night), say her blessing, then I put her in her pack-n-play to sleep.

No, I still haven’t put the crib together.

One of my friends came over after the kids were in bed and we got to chat for an hour or so. I enjoy having people over to visit with after the kids are in bed.

No particular emotional outbursts today. I’m not sure if I’m trying to tighten things down, or I just didn’t have any particular triggers today. Hopefully the later.

Final Note

Well, that was about the quickest post I’ve had all day. I didn’t have a lot of time for reflection or contemplation of heavy thoughts so this is another short post. I don’t remember if I have shared this before, but I’m going to end this short post with my super simple blessing I say for the kids:

Dear God,

Please bless [name]. Help [him/her] to sleep well, think of you, and love you [his/her] whole life.


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