Monday Musings #1 – Staying Up Late, Working Out, and Work

Since I started therapy last year, (August I think it was) I have been writing (using pen and paper) in a small notebook most days. I do this mostly so that when I get to therapy each week, I have some clue what to talk about. Before I started writing down what happened each day, I had a hard time remembering what happened the previous week. Part of that is because I remember things by writing it down. Part of it is the persistent widow brain fog.

Anyway, in an effort to practice blogging more often, I’m going to start sharing some of my daily trials and tribulations. I have a goal of writing every day, but that might not happen. When I post on a Monday, I’m going to include “Monday Musing” in the title because I like the alliteration.

Staying Up Too Late

Last night I stayed up too late writing my post about Kraston’s last two days. I feel asleep early with the baby and got woken up by the big kids who had failed to put themselves to sleep in a timely manner. By the time I got up and got them settled, I was too awake to go right back to sleep. I had started reminiscing about Kraston’s last trip to the hospital, so I figured I might as well try to get it written.

Since I stayed up too late, I didn’t get up at my 6:15 “Wake up.” alarm. Nor did I get up promptly after my “No, really. Wake Up!” alarm. Yes, those are how my alarms are actually labeled in my phone. Somehow I managed to get up, throw together a quick lunch for Gabriel (lunchable, slice of bologna, yogurt tube and veggie chips, milk), and get the kids out of bed before the 7:15 “Leave for school.” alarm. We got to Saint Catherine’s by 8:01, which is actually pretty good for us these days.

After dropping off the big kids, I took the baby to her daycare. She had refused putting on pants and shoes at home, so I wrapped her up in my coat and dressed her once we were in her class. Since the clothe diapers haven’t been washed yet, it was a paper diaper day at school.

Since I was tired and have recently decided to work afternoons instead of mornings (I currently only work 6 hours per week), I texted my boss and went back home and got back in bed.


I got up around 10:45, packed work clothes in a bag and headed to the gym. I joined Sky Fitness back in January. Last month I joined their “Bombshell” program which involves 6 strength training workouts per week. 3 are with a trainer and 3 are homework which can be done either by yourself or with the rest of the small group. Today was a homework day, so I just worked out with one group mate named Christa.

Since I was still kind of tired (probably more emotionally than physically), I wasn’t really as engaged as I would have liked to have been. The workouts with more of the group (there are around 8 of us I think) and the guidance of our fearless leader Shannon the trainer make non-homework days more fun.  But I got my daily dose of endorphins which is why I go anyway. I pretty much consider going to the gym now to be an important part of my mental health program. I always feel at least a little bit better (if more sore) than I did when I got there.


Hopefully Shannon isn’t reading this 😉 , but I went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s on the way to work. I got a Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad, though I got Italian dressing instead of ranch. Kraston loved a good ranch dressing, but I haven’t been a fan of it since college. Not sure why really. But really, if you haven’t had a salad from McDonald’s recently, it is actually pretty good with a good amount of protein.

I ate my salad at my desk while I checked my emails. I had a telephone conference at 3pm about some site lighting on a project in OKC. This is a project that I didn’t design, but inherited when my friend / former coworker Patrick moved on to bigger and different work adventures. Apparently there was a mysterious deck that didn’t show up on any of our plans that the architect is now concerned that there isn’t any lighting. Hooray for architectural communication.

I worked a little bit on some clearance issues with electrical disconnects serving air conditioning units on a roof and then got pulled off to work on the distribution system for a big house (20,000sf+ residential home in south tulsa).

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After Work

My nanny picked up the big kids, took my daughter to her piano lesson, took the boys to the library for a bit, picked up the baby and met me at the Chiropractor. All 5 of us got adjusted with minimal complaining. Eldest son talked me into Subway for dinner, so we picked up two footlong subs for the three big kids to share. My nanny took the baby home where she ate meatballs. That baby loves her protein. I ate chicken breast. Hooray for Johnsonville chicken breast from my fridge. They are pretty much a staple for me right now to meet the protein requirements for the Bombshell program. My other main protein source is a whey protein powder I get on amazon.

By this time baby was tired, so she got to stay home with the nanny while I took the three big kids to church for the first night of our parish mission. The speaker, Father Jim, was very entertaining. He spoke a lot about random acts of kindness, which the kids could really relate to. Gabriel was pretty antsy toward the beginning and was a little loud during the Lord’s Prayer, but afterward did pretty well.

Final Note

I’ve been writing while waiting for my clothes to finish in the washer so I will have a workout clothes to wear to the gym tomorrow. Now that it is finished up. I am wrapping this up and hitting the Publish. Feel free to let me know below any of your thoughts about your day. I respond to all comments. 🙂

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