Glioblastoma Survivors And Their Blogs

Glioblastoma Survivors With BlogsAs the wife of a Glioblastoma survivor of only 8 months (so far), I am curious how this disease affects people’s lives. Since Survival With Kids is slowly morphing into a blog about Glioblastoma (at least for now), I thought I would research other blogs written by Glioblastoma survivors and/or their spouses.

Below is my compilation of both the active and inactive blogs that I have found so far. If you know of any others, please leave me a comment with a link to their blog and I will add them to this list.


Active Glioblastoma Survivor Blogs

These are active / websites blogs. The person with Glioblastoma is still alive and either they or their spouse are providing updates on a regular basis.

Beth Carlton

Kraston Colby

Cheryl Broyles

Mike Emmons

Jennifer Parry


Inactive Glioblastoma Survivor Blogs

These websites / blogs were active for some time but are inactive. Most explicitly state that they are inactive now due to the one with Glioblastoma passing on, but some seem to have just petered out. They all provide insight about their journey with this disease.

Rob Holt

Ken Maudsley

  • Diagnosed in August 2011, at age 41.
  • Current Status: Passed away in June 2013. 22 month Survivor.
  • Website:




Ted Washburne


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