Best Convertible Car Seats – Black Friday Deals 2016

Car Seats Black Friday DealsAre you shopping for a convertible car seats Black Friday deals in 2016? Are you looking for the Graco Size4Me 65 or the Graco Contender 65? These are my two recommended convertible car seats.

Are you familiar with the Graco Contender 65?

If you are not, then you might be interested in the Things I Love About The Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat.

I own 5 of these car seats and they are a great value for the features. Especially if you can get them on sale, like on Black Friday!

What about the Graco Size4Me 65?

I have experience with one other convertible car seat that I recommend, the Graco Size4Me 65. I don’t have a full review written yet, but I briefly discussed the differences between the Contender 65 and the Size4Me 65 in my Contender 65 review.

If you are looking for the best prices for my two recommended car seats, I have included links with current pricing at both and These are my preferred vendors for buying car seats online as they routinely have the best prices and offer free shipping.

If you bookmark this page, you can come back on Black Friday and quickly compare prices.

What are the best prices for these two car seats?

The lowest I have seen recently for the Contender 65 is $111.99 and the lowest for the Size4Me is $149.99. So if the prices below are near or below those prices, it is time to buy!

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Get Your Convertible Car Seats Black Friday Deals Now!

Shop For A Graco Contender 65:

Shop For A Graco Size4Me 65:


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