What Is Augason Farms? An Emergency Food Company Review

This post is part of a series of emergency food supply company reviews. If you haven’t already, start by reading the beginning post “Oh So Many Emergency Food Supply Companies“.What Is Augason Farms? An Emergency Food Company Review

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screenshot of augason farmsThe first thing I notice when I go to the Augason Farms website is that there is so much variety and choices. For practically every kind of food you can imagine, they have kits, mixes and individual ingredients. Much of their food comes in #10 cans, which seems to be a popular size in emergency food storage.

To go along with the theme of variety and choice, they offer smaller and bigger sizes than the #10 can. They have the smaller “Everyday Size Can” which is “about 4.75 inches tall & 4 inches in diameter” and even a dozen or so products in the Pantry Pouch, which holds roughly half as much as the everyday size can. They also offer some products in large 4 or 6 gallon plastic pails.

How About The Nutrition Information?

Augason Farms offers so many kits, entrees, mixes and individual ingredients that it is pretty hard to narrow down which products to analyze nutrionally. Since the pantry pouches are similar to the pouches reviewed in my AlpineAire review, I’m going to look at the nutrition content of the 30 Day Pantry Pack. This kit offers a total of 62 Pantry Pouches of 11 different products.

The “30 Day Pantry Pack” provides a total of a little over 50,000 calories and 1,780 grams of protein. At the advertised 30 days, this pack only provides 1,680 calories per day and 59g of protein per day. As discussed in my AplineAire review, most people need at least 2000 calories per day, so this is really only about a 25 day pack for one person. The protein content is only around 14% of the calories, so it is a little light on protein.

Is It Expensive?

Since I reviewed the 30 Day Pack above, I started checking prices on that product first.

  • The Augason Farms website was the most expensive at $274.89, with free shipping over $200.
  • Amazon.com did not offer this product.
  • SamsClub.com came in at $151.98, no free shipping options that I could see.
  • Today, Walmart.com was the lowest at $139.79 with free shipping over $50.

long term food storage rice noodles potatosSince Augason Farms offers so many other products, I decided to price a few ingredients in #10 cans that are important long term storage ingredients: nonfat dry milk, hard white wheat, pinto beans, macaroni, sugar potato flakes, and white rice. I believe that I will be able to use the pricing of these ingredients as a bench mark for comparing companies which offer #10 can options.

The prices below are from AugasonFarms.com, which had lower prices than the other three suppliers for these individual ingredients in single #10 cans.

  • Nonfat Dry Milk – $17.39 for (39) 1 tsp servings
  • Hard White Wheat – $7.89 for (51) 1/4 cup servings
  • Pinto Beans – $13.79 for (26) 1/2 cup servings
  • Macaroni – $11.99 for (26) 1/2 cup servings
  • Sugar – $11.29 for (595) 1 tsp servings
  • Potato Flakes – $9.99 for (30) 1/3 cup servings
  • White Rice – $10.19 for (47) 1/4 cup servings

These prices do not include shipping, so if you are ordering less than $200, you will need to evaluate if one of the other three suppliers might be a better choice for your particular order.

Review of the Reviews

The Augason Farms website does allow user to leave comments, but not all products have been reviewed. It looked like those that had were primarily 4 and 5 star reviews.

On Amazon.com, a search for “Augason Farms” yielded 630 products, of which 199 were rated 4+ stars. It appeared that only 30-40 had less than 4 star reviews. The remainder of products had no reviews. Many of these unfavorable reviews are related to various resellers, so you will want to check the seller if you order from Amazon.com.

Walmart.com showed 175 Augason Farms products, all of which appeared to be 4+ stars or unrated. SamsClub.com offered 232 products and appeared to have only 14 products rated less than 4 stars.

Are There Affiliate Programs?

I already belong to the affiliate program for Amazon, Walmart and Samsclub, so I have included link to those sites throughout this post.

  • Augason Farms offers an affiliate program with commissions of 13%.
  • Amazon.com offers an affiliate program with commissions of 4% on Grocery products.
  • Walmart.com and SamsClub.com each offer an affiliate program with commissions of 4%.

So Should I Buy Some?

The reviews are definitely favorable for Augason Farms products.  13% is a pretty high percentage for an affiliate program, but especially for a food storage companies with many prices lower than the other suppliers. I will definitely be checking out the AugasonFarms.com affiliate program. If you decide to order from Amazon.com, Walmart.com, or SamsClub.com, I would appreciate it if you used one of the links in this post.

I am excited to start looking at some more of their products besides the handful I mentioned in this article. Have you tried any Augason Farms products? Leave a comment below with your experiences.

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  1. Great review here, I’ve been wanting to look into something like this. It seems like a prudent thing to have, a few years a go we had an ice storm and people were without power for several weeks.

    • Scott, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We also have ice storms here in Oklahoma. My parents were out of power once for over a week. ‘Prepping’ isn’t just for end of the world scenarios. Practical preparedness is being ready for those types of disasters which happen in your area.

    • Rosie, thanks for commenting. It is so important to compare prices on the internet, but often takes a lot of time. I’m glad that my post was helpful and hopefully it saves you and others some time.


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